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Printing from Windows Machines

Note: If you wish to print from a *NIX system, please look at the *nix printing FAQ

Printing to the Xerox Printer in EN603

The printer in EN603 is managed by Swinburne IT. In order to print to this printer:

  • Seach for the network printer called Staff Printer and install it
  • Print jobs are released at the printer using your staff/student card. Instructions on releasing print jobs can be found here

Printing to the I4T Lab Printer

The I4T Lab Printer is located near the door of the I4T Lab:

  • Install a local printer and choose to create a new Standard TCP/IP Port
  • Enter an IP Address of and create a port name
  • Select the port type as Hewlett Packard Jet Direct
  • Install the correct printer driver for a HP 2055dn Laser Printer
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