Dr Jonathan Kua

Tel:+61 3 9214 5742
: jtkua@swin.edu.au

Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia
  • PhD, Electrical Engineering (Telecommunications), 2019.
  • BEng (Telecommunications and Network Engineering), First Class Honours, 2014.

Work Experience:

  • 2019-current: Sessional Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology
  • 2014: Research Assistant at Centre for Advanced Internet Architectures (CAIA)
  • 2013/2014 Summer: Research Intern at CAIA
  • 2013 Winter: Research Intern at CAIA

PhD Research

Research Interests:

  • Computer systems and data networking
  • Internet-based adaptive video streaming and content delivery
  • Bottleneck queue management schemes
  • TCP incast congestion control in data centres

Research Projects:


Talks/Seminars: here

Teaching Experience:

  • 2019-current: TNE30003 Communications Principles
  • 2019-current: TNE30004/EEE80008 Communications Information Theory / Coding and Compression Algorithms
  • 2019-current: TNE30009/TNE80009 Network Security and Resilience / Advanced Security
  • 2019-current: TNE80015 Internet for Things
  • 2019-current: TNE80006 Secure Networks
  • 2016-current: TNE30019/TNE80014 Unix for Telecommunications
  • 2016-current: TNE40001/TNE80003 Broadband Multimedia Networks
  • 2015, 2018-current: TNE40003/TNE80005 Wireless Communications / Mobile and Personal Networking

Research Community Activities:


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