Welcome to the Internet For Things (I4T) Research Group, part of the School of Software and Electrical Engineering and Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.

Our research focuses on making the Internet a resilient and reliable communications platform for billions of humans and orders of magnitude more devices (things) embedded in our built environments -- an Internet For Things.

I4T Lab Announcements

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A Catalyst For Innovation: The Pervasively Interconnected World

Data communications, analysis and control technologies are bringing about fundamental changes to how we live, and how our built environments are being re-engineered to dynamically adapt in the service of humanity.

Pervasive interconnection of communications-enabled systems and devices – the Internet of Things (IoT) – enables automated remote control to be coupled with real-time environmental and situational awareness on a scale never before envisaged or realised in human history.

Our existing IP-based Internet faces on-going engineering challenges. IP network resilience and security, practical IP mobility, energy efficiency, and consistency of interactive and high-performance IP service delivery are all currently-active areas of research.

An Internet For Things scales up these challenges. The I4T Research Group seeks to address these challenges.

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