I4T Seminars - Archive

2018 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Farinaz Jowkarishasal Taneh Building a software-defined Ad-Hoc network 11:30am, 29th Jun 2018 -

2017 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Dr Marie-Jose Montpetit, TriangleVideo New Media and the Future of Networking 11:30am, 30th Nov 2017 -
Bahaa Al-Musawi Recurrence Behaviour of BGP Traffic 11:30am, 16th Nov 2017 -
Mark Nottingham, Fastly Inc. Internet Protocol Evolution Update 2:30pm, 2nd Nov 2017 -
Rasool Al-Saadi Characterising LEDBAT Performance Through Bottlenecks Using PIE, FQ-CoDel and FQ-PIE Active Queue Management 2:30pm, 21st Sep 2017 -
Bahaa Al-Musawi Rapid detection of BGP anomalies 11:30am, 20th Jul 2017 -
Russell Collom Benefits of FlowQueue-based Active Queue Management for Interactive Online Games 11:30am, 13th Jul 2017 -
Jonathan Kua Optimising DASH over AQM-enabled Gateways Using Intra-chunk Parallel Retrieval (Chunklets) 11:30am, 6th Jul 2017 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage and Dr. Jenny Kennedy (RMIT) Household Internet and the 'need for speed': Evaluating the impact of increasingly online lifestyles and the internet of thing 11:30am, 21st Apr 2017 Slides
Dr. Andrew W. Moore, University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Where Has My Time Gone? 11:30am, 5th Apr 2017 -

Before March 2017 (CAIA)

The Centre for Advanced Internet Architecture (CAIA) ran a series of CAIA Research Seminars between 2002 and February 2017. Many of these seminar presentations are related to I4T research themes. For convenience, these seminars are also listed below with links to further details where available.

2016 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Professor Dimitrios Georgakopoulos Internet of Things: From Internet Scale Sensing to Smart Services 11:30am, 1st Dec 2016 -
Dr Jiong Jin Wireless Networked Robotics 11:30am, 24th Nov 2016 -
Dr. Frank den Hartog, DoVes Research Network Uberization 11:30am, 9th Nov 2016 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Internet For Things (I4T): A proposed new research theme and Lab 11:30am, 3rd Nov 2016 -
Jonathan Kua The Impact of Active Queue Management on DASH-based Content Delivery 11:30am, 27th Oct 2016 -
Dr Manoj Panda Traffic Congestion Analysis using Compressed Measurements 11:30am, 20th Oct 2016 -
Dr Xianming Zhang Event-triggered control and filtering for networked control systems 11:30am, 6th Oct 2016 -
Jonathan Kua Automated Capture and Animated Playback of TCP Behaviour during DASH Streaming Sessions 11:30am, 15th Sep 2016 -
Tarikul Islam Optimal Solution of Non-Holding-Back Dynamic Traffic Assignment with Traffic Signal Control 11:30am, 25th Aug 2016 -
Shiva Raj Pokhrel Analytical Modeling of Multipath TCP over Last-Mile Wireless   -
Hien Luong Beacon Rate Optimization for Vehicular Safety Applications in Highway Scenarios 11:30am, 18th Aug 2016 -
Hong Hoang Evaluation of network performance: System optimality or user equilibrium   -
Rasool Al-Saadi Dummynet AQM v0.2.1 - CoDel, PIE, FQ-CoDel and FQ-PIE for FreeBSD 11:30am, 11th Aug 2016 -
Tung Le Braess paradox in road traffic network and how to avoid it   -
Russell Collom The effects of an AQM enabled home gateway on First Person Shooter game traffic 2:30pm, 28th Jul 2016 Slides
Bahaa Al-Musawi BGP Replay Tool (BRT)   Slides
Dzuy Pham Evaluation of the Fake Classifier Node and OpenFlowís QoS features. 1:30pm, 4th Feb 2016 -
Shahana Cumaranayagam Queue management in Home Gateways: Potential impact on IoT traffic flows   -
Olivia Xing Effect of Topology on BGP Traffic   -

2015 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Jonathan Kua Evaluating DASH and TCP Interactions with TEACUP Testbed 10:30am, 10th Dec 2015 Slides
Shiva Raj Pokhrel TCP Performance over Wi-Fi   Slides
Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC Pty Ltd Rolling the Root Keys of the DNS 10:30am, 3rd Dec 2015 Multimedia Presentation
David Fullagar, Netflix Netflix video delivery with Open Connect, a purpose built content delivery network 10:30am, 25th Nov 2015 -
Hong Hoang Information-based adaptive routing: policy or path choice. 10:30am, 19th Nov 2015 Slides
Tarikul Islam Signal Control with Realistic Cycle-length for managing Transportation Networks   Slides
David Wilde, AARNET The Australian Wide-Area SDN Testbed 10:30am, 12th Nov 2015 Multimedia Presentation
Hien Luong Broadcasting messages in V2V communication for safety applications 10:30am, 29th Oct 2015 Slides
Tung Le Dispersion and Optimal Signal Control for Urban Road Networks   -
Djuro Mirkovic Re-imagining Vivaldi with HTML5/WebGL 10:30am, 15th Oct 2015 Slides
Rasool Al-Saadi ttprobe v0.1 - Packet-Driven TCP Stack Statistics Gathering for TEACUP   Slides
Max Laier and Benno Rice, EMC Isilon Isilon OneFS: Networking considerations when building clustered network-attached storage systems 10:30am, 8th Oct 2015 -
Isaac True Teaplot: a browser-based 3D engine for animating TEACUP experiment data 10:30am, 13th Aug 2015 -
Simay Akinci Internet-enabled health monitoring @ home - implications and issues   -
Hung D Vu How RTT Between the Control and Data Plane on a SDN Network Impacts on the Perceived Performance 11:30am, 9th Jul 2015 -
Bahaa Al-Musawi BGP Anomaly Detection 11:30am, 11th Jun 2015 Slides
Nigel Williams Multipath TCP for FreeBSD: An introduction to the protocol and our implementation for FreeBSD 11:30am, 4th Jun 2015 -
Dr Manoj Panda Performance Analysis of TCP NewReno over a Cellular Last-Mile: Buffer and Channel Losses 11:30am, 14th May 2015 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander TCP Experiment Automation Controlled Using Python (TEACUP) 11:30am, 7th May 2015 Slides
Tarikul Islam Dynamic Traffic Assignment With Traffic Signal Control 11:30am, 30th Apr 2015 Slides
Dr. Philip Branch Metadata Retention 11:30am, 23rd Apr 2015 Multimedia Presentation
Professor Zhi Tian Compressive Covariance Sensing for Enhancing Access to Wireless Spectrum 12:30pm, 17th Apr 2015 -
Simon Knight, Cisco Systems VIRL: The Virtual Internet Routing Lab 10:30am, 16th Mar 2015 Multimedia Presentation
Dr. Thomas Dreibholz, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway The NorNet Testbed -- A Large-Scale Experiment Platform for Real-World Experiments with Multi-Homed Systems 10:30am, 29th Jan 2015 Slides

2014 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Prof. Michael Welzl, University of Oslo RMCAT - Shared Bottleneck Detection and Coupled Congestion Control vs. QoS for WebRTC 10:30am, 11th Dec 2014 -
Prof. Luigi Rizzo, Universitŗ di Pisa, Italy High speed software networking and virtual machines 1:30pm, 9th Dec 2014 -
David Fullagar, Netflix Building Open Connect, a large scale content delivery network for Netflix 11:00am, 7th Nov 2014 Multimedia Presentation
Dr. Sebastian Zander Capturing Ghosts: Predicting the Used IPv4 Space by Inferring Unobserved Addresses 10:30am, 30th Oct 2014 Slides
Dr. Jiong Jin Realize smart city through Internet of Things 10:30am, 9th Oct 2014 -
Hong Nam Hoang Traffic assignment with recourse: An introduction 10:30am, 18th Sep 2014 -
Fred Baker, Cisco Systems OpenStack on IPv6; a routing viewpoint 10:30am, 11th Sep 2014 Multimedia Presentation
Hien Luong V2V broadcasting protocol for safety applications 10:30am, 4th Sep 2014 -
Andrew Payne Exploring the Traffic Management Capabilities of OpenFlow Enabled Switches 10:30am, 31st Jul 2014 -
Lucas Claudino Configuring the Cisco labs for BGP experiments   -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Collaborative and Secure Estimation of IP Address Space Utilisation 10:30am, 17th Jul 2014 -
Tung Le Linear-quadratic model predictive control for urban traffic networks 10:30am, 3rd Jul 2014 -
Shiva Raj Pokhrel Modeling TCP over Wireless, State of the Art & Future Directions 10:30am, 26th Jun 2014 -
Prof. Ying-Dar Lin, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan Software Defined Networking: Why, When, Where, and How 10:30am, 17th Jun 2014 -
Bahaa Al-Musawi BGP Anomaly Detection 12:30pm, 29th May 2014 -
Prof. Hai Vu, Assoc. Prof. Paul Stoddart, Prof. Cishen Zhang TERBo Talks 12:30pm, 22nd May 2014 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage, Prof. Sally McArthur, Prof. Romesh Nagarajah TERBo Talks 12:30pm, 15th May 2014 Slides - Grenville Armitage
Nigel Williams Multipath TCP at CAIA: An overview and status update 12:30pm, 1st May 2014 -
Dr Manoj Panda Tracking Message Spread in Mobile Delay Tolerant Networks 12:30pm, 10th Apr 2014 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA and the Internet of Things 12:30pm, 27th Mar 2014 Slides
Jonathan Kua Exploring High Speed TCP Incast Congestion Issues in Large Data Centres 10:30am, 13th Feb 2014 Slides
Nathan Dyer and Prashan Abeysekera Use of Multipath TCP in Vehicle to Infrastructure communications 10:30am, 6th Feb 2014 -
Thomas Dreibholz, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway NorNet - An Open, Large-Scale Testbed for Multi-Homed Systems 10:30am, 30th Jan 2014 Slides

2013 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Hien Luong One-hop vs. multi-hop broadcast protocol for DSRC safety applications 10:30am, 19th Dec 2013 -
Prof. Darryl Veitch, University of Melbourne Synchronisation of Clocks Across the Internet 10:30am, 12th Dec 2013 -
Dragi Klimovski AAEE13 Trial Run Presentations on Improving Student Engagement by breaking down barriers to learning 10:30am, 5th Dec 2013 -
Hoang Vu Trung Improving Broadcast Efficiency in Vehicular Networks with Packet-Level Coding 10:30am, 14th Nov 2013 -
Joseph Granieri, Odecee - Enterprise Mobile Experts Security in the Mobile App World 10:30am, 31st Oct 2013 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Using Delay-Gradient TCP for Multimedia-Friendly 'Background' Transport in Home Networks 10:30am, 17th Oct 2013 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Estimating IPv4 Address Space Usage with Capture-Recapture 10:30am, 10th Oct 2013 -
Dr. Suong Nguyen Rate Equilibria in WLANs with Block ACKs   -
Dr. Jason But The NBN Experience: The Interwebs at the Speed of Light 10:30am, 3rd Oct 2013 Slides
Liron Ravner Equilibrium Arrival Times to a Queue with Order Penalties 10:30am, 12th Sep 2013 -
Josh Bailey (Google), Vijay Sivaraman (UNSW), Craig Russell (CSIRO) Software Defined Networking: From Promise to Reality 9:30am, 4th Sep 2013 -
Michal Scigocki Improving Network Traffic Classification with Payload-based Features 10:30am, 8th Aug 2013 -
Djuro Mirkovic Characterising the Statistics of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Behaviour   -
Jonathan Kua Exploring and Investigating Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Traffic Flow Control and Congestion Control by Using Network Simulator 3 (NS-3)   Slides
Prof. Steven Low, CalTech Multipath TCP Algorithms: Theory and Design 10:30am, 8th Jul 2013 -
Dr. Manoj Panda Reliable Transport in Delay Tolerant Networks 10:30am, 4th Jul 2013 Slides
Dr. Alessandra Scicchitano, SWITCH (Zurich, Switzerland) Improving network performances within the cloud: eduPERT and a real case. 10:30am, 25th Jun 2013 -
Rhys Shobbrook Are Learning Styles Dead? 10:30am, 6th Jun 2013 Slides
Dr. Mohammad Rezaeian Energy management for data centers 10:30am, 30th May 2013 -
Dr. Philip Branch Report on the 2012 ACCAN National Conference 10:30am, 16th May 2013 Slides
Tuan Dinh Predicting supercomputing workload with per user information 10:30am, 9th May 2013 Slides
Warren Harrop Evaluating immersive real-time collaboration environments for IP network management 10:30am, 2nd May 2013 -
Prof. Ivan Stojmenovic, University of Ottawa Contribution of applied algorithms to applied computing 10:30am, 18th Apr 2013 -
Andrew Turner, Consultant FreeBSD ARM, and it's networking uses 2:30pm, 16th Apr 2013 -
Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, University of Zurich A Time-shifted P2P Multimedia Streaming Approach - The Design and Investigations of LiveShift 2:30pm, 9th Apr 2013 -
Dr. Vyacheslan Abramov Study of Discriminatory Processor Sharing systems 10:30am, 4th Apr 2013 -
Alan Ford, Cisco Systems Trials and Tribulations of Protocol Design: Multipath TCP from Design to Deployment 10:30am, 28th Mar 2013 -
Dr. Suong Nguyen Modeling the performance of TCP over 802.11 WLANs 10:30am, 21st Mar 2013 Slides
Christopher Holman IBL - A year in review 10:30am, 28th Feb 2013 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Estimating IPv4 Address Space Usage   -
Adam Malcontenti-Wilson Methods of investigating traffic flow dynamics 10:30am, 14th Feb 2013 -
Djuro Mirkovic Realtime VoIP Classification and Redirection 10:30am, 7th Feb 2013 Slides
Dr. Jason But CAIA Data Dump: ICE3   -

2012 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Prof. Grenville Armitage, Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew and Assoc. Prof. Hai Vu CAIA Data Dump 10:15am, 13th Dec 2012 Introduction Seamless Broadband Energy Efficient Networking
Mark Nottingham, Akamai HTTP/2.0: Challenges and Opportunities 10:30am, 6th Dec 2012 -
Prof. Serge Hoogendoorn Overview of research/teaching in the area of Traffic Management at Delft University 10:30am, 22nd Nov 2012 -
A/Prof. Hans van Lint Traffic state estimation and data fusion in transportation research   -
Tony Cricenti Traffic Modelling of Online First Person Shooter Games 10:30am, 15th Nov 2012 -
Dr. Jason But and Dr. Sebastian Zander IEEE LCN 2012 Review 11:30am, 8th Nov 2012 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Mitigating Sampling Error when Measuring Internet Client IPv6 Capabilities 10:30am, 1st Nov 2012 -
Fred Baker, Cisco Buffer Bloat! - Obesity: It's not just a human problem! 10:30am, 18th Oct 2012 -
Dr. Philip Branch Rapid and Generalized Identification of Packetized Voice Traffic Flows 10:30am, 11th Oct 2012 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Sub-flow Packet Sampling for Scalable ML Classification of Interactive Traffic 10:30am, 4th Oct 2012 -
Prof. Aruna Seneviratne, NICTA Overview of the NICTA Networking Research Group 10:00am, 31st Aug 2012 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Benefits of the NBN for small businesses - trial talk 10:30am, 30th Aug 2012 Slides
Warren Harrop Using a lack of source address filtering to create 'quota-free' tunnels between collaborators 10:30am, 9th Aug 2012 Slides
Christopher Holman W3BWorld - Bringing L3DGEWorld to the web browser   Slides
Van Tuan Dinh Energy Efficiency in multicore supercomputing 11:30am, 26th Jul 2012 Slides
Rozanna Jesudasan The optimal charging schedule of energy storage with rapidly increasing prices: Lessons from data networking 11:30am, 19th Jul 2012 Slides
Dr. Alexandru Iosup, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands Massivizing Online Games: Distributed Computing Challenges and High Quality Time 11:30am, 5th Jul 2012 -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Mitigating Sampling Error when Measuring Internet Client IPv6 Capabilities 11:30am, 28th Jun 2012 Slides
Nigel Williams Multipath TCP on FreeBSD: Protocol Overview and Research Goals 11:30am, 21st Jun 2012 Slides
Naeem Khademi Experimental Evaluation of TCP Performance in Multi-rate 802.11 WLANs 11:30am, 7th Jun 2012 Introduction Presentation
Dr. Yoni Nazarathy, University of Queensland The Age of Information in Situation Awareness Networks 11:30am, 31st May 2012 -
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew Algorithms for Dynamic Capacity Provisioning 11:30am, 24th May 2012 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA/Telecommunications Update 11:30am, 17th May 2012 Slides
Amiel Heyde, Mill Software Practical Network Performance Testing 11:30am, 10th May 2012 -
Dr. Jason But, Lawrence Stewart and Warren Harrop CAIA Lightning Talks 11:30am, 3rd May 2012 Jason Lawrence Warren
Simon Knight, University of Adelaide AutoNetkit: An Open-Source Network Experimentation Platform 1:30pm, 8th Mar 2012 -
Dr. Frank den Hartog, TNO - Netherlands Home Networks: topology discovery and characterization of traffic dynamics 11:30am, 1st Mar 2012 Slides
Lincoln Dale, Principle Engineer, Arista Networks The TCP Incast problem: the opposite of Buffer Bloat: what happens when ethernet switches don't have enough buffering? 11:30am, 23rd Feb 2012 Slides
Nigel Williams DIFFUSE Embedded: Machine Learning traffic classifier on a Home Router 11:30am, 9th Feb 2012 Slides
Christopher Holman A brief investigation into two common causes of TCP throughput degradation in a broadband access environment   Slides
Philip Jay, Softel Systems Pty. Ltd. Lawful Interception Overview & Architecture 11:30am, 2nd Feb 2012 -
Geoff Huston, Chief Scientist, APNIC Pty Ltd IPv6 adoption challenges 11:30am, 19th Jan 2012 -
Steffen Wendzel Micro protocols and dynamic protocol switches in network covert channels 11:30am, 12th Jan 2012 Slides

2011 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Prof. Steven Low, CalTech Models for TCP 11:30am, 20th Dec 2011 -
Peter Rossi, CTO Huawei Australia Broadband for Everyone 11:30am, 15th Dec 2011 -
Adrian Chadd, Xenion Pty Ltd An overview of the FreeBSD 802.11 stack and Atheros wireless hardware 11:30am, 8th Dec 2011 Slides
Dr. Sebastian Zander and Suong Nguyen Report from IEEE LCN 2010 11:30am, 24th Nov 2011 -
Mattia Rossi IPv6 at CAIA and at Home 11:30am, 10th Nov 2011 Slides
Rozanna Jesudasan Managing Demand by Modeling an Optimal Charging Schedule for Energy Storage 11:30am, 27th Oct 2011 Slides
Dr. David Hayes Introduction to the TCP evaluation suite in NS2 11:30am, 13th Oct 2011 -
Van Tuan Dinh Studies on improving energy efficiency in cluster computing 11:30am, 6th Oct 2011 Slides
Dr. Sebastian Zander Practical Machine Learning Based Multimedia Traffic Classification for Distributed QoS Management 11:30am, 29th Sep 2011 -
Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi Working at CAIA: Research Projects and Experiences 11:30am, 22nd Sep 2011 -
Chris Roberts, GM of Product Engineering, NBNCo Under the Hood of the NBN - Building Wholesale Open Access Ethernet Services 11:30am, 8th Sep 2011 -
Suong Nguyen Service differentiation without prioritization in IEEE 802.11 WLANs 11:30am, 1st Sep 2011 -
Mattia Rossi A Technique for Reducing BGP Update Announcements through Path Exploration Damping 11:30am, 18th Aug 2011 Slides
Professor Grenville Armitage State of the Union   Slides
Dr. Jason But and Warren Harrop CAIA Lightning Talks 11:30am, 28th Jul 2011 Jason Warren Lawrence LaTeX Templates (within Swinburne only)
Mattia Rossi A Technique for Reducing BGP Update Announcements through Path Exploration Damping 11:30am, 14th Jul 2011 -
Assoc. Prof. Vrizlynn Thing, National University of Singapore Live mobile device forensics 10:30am, 22nd Jun 2011 -
Mattia Rossi Inferring the time-zones of Prefixes and Autonomous Systems by monitoring game server discovery traffic 11:30am, 26th May 2011 -
Dr. David Hayes Improving HTTP performance using 'Stateless' TCP   -
Dr. Sebastian Zander Stealthier Inter-packet Timing Covert Channels 11:30am, 5th May 2011 -
Dr. David Hayes Revisiting TCP Congestion Control using Delay Gradients   -
Dr. Jiong Jin, University of Melbourne Flow Control and Performance Optimization for Multi-Service Networks 11:30am, 21st Apr 2011 -
John Newbigin Implementing the Virtual Area Network 11:30am, 7th Apr 2011 Slides Video
Kewin Stoeckigt 2011 ACM MMSys Overview 11:30am, 24th Mar 2011 -
Dr. Thuy Nguyen Energy efficiency for content distribution in the Internet. 11:30am, 17th Feb 2011 -
Prof. Michael Welzl, University of Oslo How to truly improve the Internet's transport layer, part 2: technical details 11:30am, 10th Feb 2011 Slides
Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi Enabling Router-Assisted Transport Protocols Over 802.11 Wireless Network 11:30am, 3rd Feb 2011 -
Lawrence Stewart Multimedia-unfriendly TCP Congestion Control and Home Gateway Queue Management 11:30am, 27th Jan 2011 -
Prof. Michael Welzl, University of Oslo How to truly improve the Internet's transport layer 11:30am, 20th Jan 2011 Slides
Kewin Stoeckigt Dynamic Codec With Priority for Voice over IP in WLAN 11:30am, 13th Jan 2011 -

2010 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Mattia Rossi A Technique for Reducing BGP Update Announcements through Path Exploration Damping 11:30am, 16th Dec 2010 Slides
Md. Imrul Hassan Effect of Retransmissions on the Performance of the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for DSRC 11:30am, 9th Dec 2010 -
Dr. Jason But CAIA Data Dump: Statistical Traffic Classification 11:30am, 23rd Nov 2010 Slides
Dr. Philip Branch CAIA Data Dump: Research Interests of Philip Branch   Slides
Dr. Thuy Nguyen CAIA Data Dump: Real-time Internet Traffic Classification and Energy Efficient Networking   Slides
Dr. David Hayes CAIA Data Dump: TCP Related Work   Slides
Dr. Ihsan Ayyub Qazi CAIA Data Dump: Who am I? What do I work on? Some past and current work   Slides
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew CAIA Data Dump: Congestion Control, Wireless and Energy-efficient Networking   Slides
Dr. Sebastian Zander CAIA Data Dump: Covert Channels and Machine Learning Traffic Classification   Slides
Assoc. Prof. Hai Vu CAIA Data Dump: Application Driven Wireless Networks   Slides
Dr. Steven Fraser, Director, Cisco Research Center, USA Overview of Research at Cisco 10:30am, 23rd Nov 2010 Link to Cisco Research
Abolfazl Nazari Inter-technology handoff in Next Generation Mobile Networks 11:30am, 18th Nov 2010 Slides
Dr. Jason But and Dr. David Hayes Report from IEEE LCN 2010 11:30am, 11th Nov 2010 -
Prof. Saleem Bhatti, University of St. Andrews, Scotland Evolving the Internet Architecture Through Naming 10:30am, 5th Nov 2010 Slides
Mark Allman, ICSI (International Computer Science Institute), USA Towards a User-Centric Internet Architecture 2:30pm, 4th Nov 2010 -
Dr. Craig Partridge, BBN Technologies, USA Fifty Research Questions in Data Networking 11:30am, 4th Nov 2010 -
Soung Nguyen Literature Review Series: Incentive-compatible MAC design for WLANs 11:30am, 28th Oct 2010 Slides
Qing Li, Blue Coat Systems Secure Transition and Application Security Enforcement with IPv6 Secure Web Gateway 11:30am, 20th Oct 2010 -
Sebastian Zander DIstributed Firewall and Flow-shaper Using Statistical Evidence (DIFFUSE) 11:30am, 14th Oct 2010 Slides
Tony Cricenti First Person Shooter Games - Two Player Packet Length Distributions 11:30am, 7th Oct 2010 Slides
Dr. David Hayes Improved coexistence and loss tolerance for delay based TCP congestion control 11:30am, 30th Sep 2010 -
Dr. Jason But Rapid Identication of Bittorrent Traffic 11:30am, 23rd Sep 2010 -
Charles Smith, CSIRO Taking Saratoga from space-based ground sensors to ground-based space sensors 11:30am, 9th Sep 2010 Slides
Warren Harrop IPv4 and IPv6 Greynets 11:30am, 2nd Sep 2010 Slides
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew Report back from SIGMETRICS 2010 11:30am, 19th Aug 2010 -
Michael Allwright L3DGEWorld and the Visualisation of Network Traffic 10:30am, 5th Aug 2010 Slides
Tung Le Linux Madwifi Driver Debugging 10:30am, 29th Jul 2010 Slides
Rozanna Nadeera Jesudasan Identification of Generic Attributes of Skype traffic with Machine Learning   Slides
Assoc. Prof. Matthew Roughan, University of Adelaide AutoNetKit: Enabling large scale network emulation 10:30am, 22nd Jul 2010 -
Dr. Julien Ridoux, University of Melbourne RADclock: Choosing the Right Clock for the Right Job 10:30am, 15th Jul 2010 -
Imrul Hassan Performance Analysis of the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for DSRC with and without Retransmissions 10:30am, 10th Jun 2010 -
Soung Nguyen Medium access control (MAC) mechanism design for WLANs 10:30am, 27th May 2010 -
Dr. Jason But, Abolfazl Nazari and Assoc. Prof. Hai Vu IEEE WCNC 2010 Overview 10:30am, 20th May 2010 -
Dr. Vijay Sivaraman, University of New South Wales Buffers in All-Optical Packet Switches 10:30am, 16th Apr 2010 Slides
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA Data Dump: The research interests of Professor Grenville Armitage 10:30pm, 15th Apr 2010 Slides
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew CAIA Data Dump: Congestion control, wireless and energy-efficient networking   Slides
Assoc. Prof. Hai Vu CAIA Data Dump: Application Driven Wireless Networks   -
Dr. Philip Branch CAIA Data Dump: Using Machine Learning to Identify Realtime Traffic Classes   Slides
Dr. Jason But CAIA Data Dump: BitTorrent   Slides
Abolfazl Nazari Conservative Soft Handoff for Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 10:30am, 25th Mar 2010 -
Suong Nguyen Packet size variability affects collisions and energy efficiency in WLANs   -
Mattia Rossi Securing BGP - A Literature Survey 10:30am, 18th Mar 2010 Slides
Ana Kukec, University of Zagreb Distributed and decentralized network experimentation platform supported through the use of the clonable FreeBSD network stack 10:30am, 16th Mar 2010 -
Imrul Hassan Effect of Retransmissions on the Performance of the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol for DSRC 10:30am, 11th Mar 2010 -
Carl Javier Broadband Internet Simulation & Synthesis (BITSS): Progress 2:00pm, 25th Feb 2010 Slides
Lawrence Stewart Making TCP play nice: congestion control in the 21st century 2:00pm, 23rd Feb 2010 -
Atwin Calchand Internship Seminar: Projects and Progress 2:00pm, 18th Feb 2010 Slides
Abolfazl Nazari Seamless multimedia over 4G; 18th month PHD progress review 2:00pm, 16th Feb 2010 -
Prof. Moshe Zukerman, City University of Hong Kong Back To The Future 7th Jan 2010 -

2009 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Dr. Frank den Hartog, TNO - Netherlands Management and control of notoriously heterogeneous consumer networks 10:30am, 22nd Dec 2009 Slides
Fred Baker, CISCO Collision of the Internet Architecture and the Smart Grid 10:00am, 8th Dec 2009 Slides
Assoc. Prof. Matthew Roughan, University of Adelaide Algebraic approaches to protocol design 1:30pm, 12th Nov 2009 Slides
Dr. David Hayes Literature Review Series: Delay/Rate based Congestion Avoidance in TCP 1:30pm, 29th Oct 2009 Slides
Dr. Darryl Veitch, CUBIN - University of Melbourne Network Loss Tomography 1:30pm, 15th Oct 2009 Slides
Imrul Hassan Literature Review Series: Medium Access Protocols for Cooperative Collision Avoidance in Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks 1:30pm, 8th Oct 2009 Slides
Abolfazl Nazari Literature Review Series: Seamless Multimedia over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 1:30pm, 1st Oct 2009 Slides
Kewin Stoeckigt VoIP Capacity Analysis in IEEE 802.11 WLAN 1:30pm, 24th Sep 2009 -
Sebastian Zander Reliable Transmission Over Covert Channels in First Person Shooter Multiplayer Games   -
Tony Cricenti Literature Review Series: A Generalised Prediction Model of First Person Shooter Game Traffic 1:30pm, 10th Sep 2009 -
Warren Harrop Literature Review Series: Techniques for immersive and collaborative IP network management 1:30pm, 3rd Sep 2009 Slides
Dr. Giovanni Stea, University of Pisa, Italy Provisioning of Reliable Real-time Services in the Network 1:30pm, 28th Aug 2009 Slides
Suong Nguyen Literature Review Series: 802.11e, QoS-supporting standard of WLANs 1:30pm, 27th Aug 2009 Slides
Tung Le BitTorrent Traffic Classification 1:30pm, 30th Jul 2009 Slides
Christopher Leong Further Optimising Online FPS Game Server Discovery   Slides
Hoang Do VoIP, Skype and other traffic Classifier   Slides
Assoc. Prof. Hai Vu Literature Review Series: Modelling Wireless LANs 1:30pm, 23rd Jul 2009 -
Geoff Huston AARNet 20 years later 1:30pm, 16th Jul 2009 Video
Dr. Jason But Literature Review Series: Peer2Peer - Leeching off Others 1:30pm, 14th Jul 2009 -
Roxanne Pashaei Project and Research Report 1:30pm, 9th Jul 2009 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage How to estimate network RTT before exchanging packets 1:30pm, 25th Jun 2009 Slides
Dr. Philip Branch Report back from NOSDAV 2009 1:30pm, 11th Jun 2009 -
Lawrence Stewart Report back from IFIP Networking 2009 1:30pm, 28th May 2009 -
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew Report back from INFOCOM 2009 1:30pm, 21st May 2009 -
Dr. Ken Duffy, National University of Ireland Maynooth On the veracity (or otherwise) of IEEE 802.11 mathematical modelling hypotheses 1:30pm, 14th May 2009 Slides
Assoc. Prof. Lachlan Andrew Minimizing Average Finish Time in P2P Networks 1:30pm, 9th Apr 2009 -
Prof. Douglas Leith, National University of Ireland Maynooth Delay-based TCP revisited 1:30pm, 2nd Apr 2009 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA - An Overview of our Past, Present and Future 1:30pm, 19th Mar 2009 Slides
Dr. David Hayes An introduction to the Ninjabox 1:30pm, 12th Mar 2009 Slides
Atwin Calchand and Van Tuan Dihn Traffic Analysis - a Report on a Summer Internship Project at CAIA 10:00am, 26th Feb 2009 -
Assoc. Professor Lachlan Andrew Stochastic analysis of power-aware scheduling 10:00am, 19th Feb 2009 -
Amiel Heyde Projects and Progress - Reflecting on a year of IBL at CAIA 10:00am, 12th Feb 2009 -
Dr. Michael Welzl, University Innsbruck SESAM: A Semi-Synchronous, Energy Savvy, Application-Aware MAC 10:00am, 5th Feb 2009 Slides
Md. Imrul Hassan Analytical Modeling of MAC Protocol in Dedicated Short Range Communication 10:00am, 15th Jan 2009 Slides

2008 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Geoff Smith, Agilent Technologies Simulating the Internet with Agilent's N2X Test System 10:00am, 11th Dec 2008 -
Abolfazl Nazari Seamless Mobility Management Across Heterogeneous Networks 10:30am, 6th Nov 2008 -
Dr. Hai Vu A New Approach for Network Vulnerability Analysis 1:30pm, 9th Oct 2008 -
Sebastian Zander Covert Channels in Multiplayer First Person Shooter Online Games   -
Dr. Philip Branch An ARMA(1,1) Prediction Model of First Person Shooter Game Traffic 10:30am, 18th Sep 2008 -
Dr. David Hayes Issues with Network Address Translation for SCTP 10:30am, 11th Sep 2008 Slides
Fred Baker, Cisco Systems IPv6 Transition 10:00am, 12th Aug 2008 -
Mattia Rossi TCP/IP over IEEE 802.11b WLAN: the Challenge of Harnessing Known-Corrupt Data 2:30pm, 7th Aug 2008 Slides
Marcus Wong Simulating the interaction of realtime and non-realtime traffic over Consumer Access Technologies 10:00am, 29th Jul 2008 -
Alana Huebner Evaluation of TCP algorithms   -
Kewin Stoeckigt Who am I? What have I done? What am I doing?CAIA 2:30pm, 24th Jul 2008 Slides
Sebastian Zander An Improved Clock-skew Measurement Technique for Revealing Hidden Services 11:00am, 23rd Jul 2008 Slides
Geoff Huston Beyond IPv4 10:00am, 10th Jul 2008 Slides
Dr. Jason But Forwarding SCTP Traffic Through a NAT 2:30pm, 8th Jul 2008 Slides
Amiel Heyde Lessons about real-time latency over home broadband connections 2:30pm, 24th May 2008 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Optimising Online FPS Game Server Discovery through Clustering Servers by Origin Autonomous System (ACM NOSSDAV2008 trial run)   -
Dr. Philip Branch A Markov Model of Server to Client IP traffic in First Person Shooter Games 10:30am, 15th May 2008 -
Thuy Nguyen Clustering to Assist Supervised Machine Learning for Real-Time IP Traffic Classification   -
Dr. Lachlan Andrew, CalTech Reinvigorating TCP 2:30pm, 24th Apr 2008 -
Hamed Haddadi, University College London Evaluating AS Topology Models 2:30pm, 23rd Apr 2008 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA Data Dump: Server discovery optimisation for online first person shooter games 2:30pm, 13th Mar 2008 Slides
Dr. Hai Vu CAIA Data Dump: Performance analysis for a single-hop 802.11 wireless LAN   Slides
Dr. Philip Branch CAIA Data Dump: # First person shooter game traffic modelling   Slides
Dr. Jason But CAIA Data Dump: p2p Fairness and Performance   Slides
Dr. Michael Welzl, University Innsbruck Grid InterNetworking 2:00pm, 12th Feb 2008 Slides
Amiel Heyde Lawful Interception with Endace hardware 3:00pm, 31st Jan 2008 -
Adam Black Adam's IBL - 2007/2008 2:00pm, 31st Jan 2008 -
Dr. Michael Welzl, University Innsbruck Internet transport tomorrow: introducing SCTP, UDP-Lite and DCCP 2:00pm, 30th Jan 2008 Slides
Dr. Michael Welzl, University Innsbruck Internet Internet congestion control: evolution and current open issues 2:00pm, 22nd Jan 2008 Slides

2007 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Geoff Huston Securing BGP 14th Nov 2007 Slides
Warren Harrop Real-Time Collaborative Network Monitoring and Control Using a 3D Game Engine for Representation and Interaction 3:00pm, 13th Nov 2007 -
Tao Ye Anomaly Detection in the Internet Backbone 11:00am, 30th Oct 2007 -
James Healy, Lawrence Stewart Next Generation TCP 11:00am, 16th Oct 2007 Slides
Lucas Parry, Warren Harrop Leveraging 3D Game Engines (L3DGE): Novel techniques for anomalous traffic detection and collaborative network control 12th Sep 2007 Slides
Adam Black GREEN - Global Research into Environmentally Efficient Networking 5th Sep 2007 Slides
Gerarde Kelly Fairness of BitTorrent 1st Aug 2007 Slides
Andrew Brand Investigating TCP dynamics using SIFTR 25th Jul 2007 -
Ho Ho Traffic Characterisation of the most Popular Microsoft Windows Infection Vectors   -
Carl Javier L3DGEWorld Demonstration   Slides
Geoff Huston Taming BGP: An Incremental Approach to Improving the Dynamic Properties of BGP 18th Jul 2007 Slides
James Healy BART gets DSLAMed 20th Jun 2007 -
Warren Harrop, Lawrence Stewart Infinity + 1: The scope of the home network 28th Mar 2007 Slides
Dr. Lachlan Andrew, CalTech WAN-in-Lab, and an overview of networking research at Caltech 21st Mar 2007 -
Malcolm Robb Spam Mitigation Techniques 21st Feb 2007 Slides
Gerade Kelly BitTorrent Fairness 14th Feb 2007 -
Aaron Simms WiFi VoIP Test Bed   -
Alex Shoolman IBL Research Student Report 8th Feb 2007 -

2006 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Alex Shoolman Using Quake III To Monitor Real-Time Network Events 7th Dec 2006 -
Geoff Huston Who Are You? Identity and Location in IP 30th Nov 2006 -
Thuy Nguyen Synthetic Sub-flow Pairs for Timely and Stable IP Traffic Identification - ATNAC Trial Run 22nd Nov 2006 -
Sebastian Zander Covert Channels in the IP Time To Live Field - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Dr. Jason But Priority Queuing of Network Game Traffic over a DOCSIS Cable Modem Link - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Warren Harrop Quantifying the broadband access bandwidth demands of typical home users - ATNAC Trial Run 15th Nov 2006 -
Dr. Philip Branch Measuring the auto-correlation of server to client traffic in First Person Shooter games - ATNAC Trial Run>/td>   -
Dr. Hai Vu Collision Probability in Saturated IEEE 802.11 Networks - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Thuy Nguyen Training on multiple sub-flows to optimise the use of Machine Learning classifiers in real-world IP networks - LCN Trial Run 8th Nov 2006 -
Dr. Jason But ANGEL - Automated Network Games Enhancement Layer - NetGames Trial Run 11th Oct 2006 -
Warren Harrop Real-Time Collaborative Network Monitoring and Control Using 3D Game Engines for Representation and Interaction - VizSEC Trial Run   -
Dr. Philip Branch Modelling First Person Shooter Game Traffic 20th Sep 2006 -
Dr. Hai Vu Access Delay in IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN under saturation 21st Jun 2006 -
Carl Javier Being an IBL Research Assistant at CAIA 14th Jun 2006 Slides
Geoff Huston The Dynamic Behaviour of Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet 31st May 2006 Slides
Dr. Andrew Moore, Queen Mary University of London Towards Accurate Network-Traffic Characterization 12th May 2006 -
Stefan Michaelis and Jörn Seger, Engineering and Information Technology University of Dortmund Broadband Wireless Research in Dortmund 11th May 2006 Slides
Stefan W√§nstedt and M√•rten Ericson, Ericsson Research Providing efficient and reliable multimedia telephony over HSPA   Slides
Warren Harrop Create the greatest home network of all time, in 3 easy steps (and 472 difficult ones) 22nd Mar 2006 Slides
Dr. Hai Vu VoIP Research Workshop. February, Canberra 8th Mar 2006 Slides
Shaun Burriss Effects of real-time traffic prioritization in home based Broadband Internet connections 15th Feb 2006 Slides
David Kennedy Evaluation of FAST TCP in Low-Speed DOCSIS-based Access Networks   Slides
Philip Jay Synchronisation Analysis over Concurrent TCP Flows   Slides
Kenny Nguyen Network Traffic based Application Identification Demonstrator (Net ? AI) GUI   Slides
Dr. Lloyd Wood CLEO - Cisco Router in Low Earth Orbit 8th Feb 2006 Video(Low Qual) Video(High Qual) Video(Wide Screen)
Dr. Jason But ANGEL - Moving your Home Broadband Experience to Heaven 1st Feb 2006 Slides
Carl Javier Round Trip Time and Hop Count Distributions for Clients of an Enemy Territory Server based in Australia and Enemy Territory Master Server Behaviour 11th Jan 2006 Slides 1 Slides 2

2005 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Dr. Irena Atov Evaluation of FAST TCP in Low-Speed DOCSIS-based Access Networks - TenCon Trial Run 9th Nov 2005 -
Mihn Tran End-users' resource consumption of spam and a 3D anti-spam evaluation framework - TenCon Trial Run   -
Dr. Jason But Evaluating the impact of DNS and HTTP session characteristics on consumer ISP web traffic - TenCon Trial Run 2nd Nov 2005 -
Sebastian Zander Automated Traffic Classification and Application Identification using Machine Learning - IEEE LCN Trial Run   -
Warren Harrop Defining and Evaluating Greynets (Sparse Darknets) - IEEE LCN Trial Run 19th Oct 2005 -
Dr. Jason But Passive TCP Stream Estimation of RTT and Jitter Parameters - IEEE LCN Trial Run   -
Julie-Anne Bussiere Measuring the Live capture Performance of NetSniff and Enemy Territory Traffic Analysis 5th Oct 2005 -
Sebastian Zander Dissecting Server-Discovery Traffic Patterns Generated By Multiplayer First Person Shooter Games 28th Sep 2005 -
Nick Moore Edge Handovers for Mobile IPv6 21st Sep 2005 Slides
Nigel Williams Machine Learning Algorithms for Automated Network Application Identification 31st Aug 2005 Slides
Julie-Anne Bussiere Measuring the Performance of Netsniff 24th Aug 2005 Slides
Dr. Philip Branch Theoretical Basis for Modeling Teletraffic Generated by First Person Shooter Games 27th Jul 2005 Slides
Gareth Edwards, Nguyen Huu Ngoc Duy, Joanne Ly Upgrading the Remote Unix Lab Environment (RULE) 20th Jul 2005 Slides
Yuu-Seng Lau Space-Time Encoded Secure Chaos Communications with Transmit Beamforming 13th Jul 2005 -
Jusak Jusak Performance of Sinusoidally-Distributed Dithering for Signed-Error CMA   -
Lei Shang Modelling of Mobile Radio Channels   -
Dr. Qiang Fu Understanding TCP Parallelisation 29th Jun 2005 Slides
Dr. Irena Atov Evaluation of FAST TCP in Low-Speed DOCSIS-based Access Networks 8th Jun 2005 Slides
Alp Basol How to dimension an access link for enterprise software applications in an MPLS based Private IP VPN 1st Jun 2005 -
Nigel Callanan Evaluating the Efficacy of Anti Spam Techniques in Reducing Network Traffic to a Message Destination Host   -
Alex Tuan Mobile IP simulation 11th May 2005 Slides
Brandon Tyo An approach for non-intrusive Round Trip Time Measurements 27th Apr 2005 Slides
Minh Tran Controlling Excess Consumption in IP Networks 20th Apr 2005 Slides
Thuy Nguyen Experimental Experiences with Multihop Path Emulation using Dummynet 13th Apr 2005 Slides
Dr. Jason But Developing Platform Independent Software using the AutoTool Suite 6th Apr 2005 Slides
Andres Rojas Modeling Movement for Mobile IP Networks 30th Mar 2005 Slides
Warren Harrop and Lawrence Stewart You da M.A.N. Voice, over IP, over Stuff 23rd Mar 2005 Slides
Mai Bahn Quantification, Characterisation and Evaluation of Mobile IPv6 Handoff Delay 9th Mar 2005 Slides
Urs Keller Web Caching in Consumer ISPs - Evaluating the Impact of DNS Lookup Times and HTTP Session Characteristics on the Consumer WWW Experience 23rd Feb 2005 Slides
David Kennedy IBL Six Month Report 2nd Feb 2005 Slides
Brandon Tyo Interim IBL Progress Report   Slides

2004 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Urs Keller ICE3: Ongoing Development and Results Around Netsniff 9th Dec 2004 Slides
Dr. Matthew Roughan, University of Adelaide Fundamental Bounds on the Accuracy of Network Performance Measurements 25th Nov 2004 Slides
Warren Harrop Intuitive Real-Time Network Monitoring Using Visually Orthogonal 3D Metaphors - ATNAC Trial Run 24th Nov 2004 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Dynamic Performance limits of the Benko-Veres Passive TCP Packet Loss Estimation Algorithm - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Mihn Tran Evaluating The Use of Spam-triggered TCP/IP Rate Control To Protect SMTP Servers - ATNAC Trial Run 17th Nov 2004 -
Dr. Jason But An Evaluation of Current MPEG-1 Ciphers and their Applicability to Streaming Video - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Andrew Rojas Lawful Interception based on Sniffers in Next Generation Networks - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Thuy Nguyen Quantitative Assessment of IP Service Quality in 802.11b Networks - ATNAC Trial Run 10th Nov 2004 -
Sebastian Zander Empirically Measuring the QoS Sensitivity of Interactive Online Game Players - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Mai Bahn Experimental Evaluation of IEEE 802.11b and Mobile IPv6 Hand-off Times - ATNAC Trial Run   -
Chris Myers - Grangenet Using Grangenet Facilities for Research Projects   -
Deependra Gupta Using SIP as an interim mobility solution 27th Oct 2004 -
Manisha Koli Phishing - An investigation into Internet fraud   -
Sebastian Zander Self-learning IP Traffic Classification based on Statistical Flow Characteristics 13th Oct 2004 Slides
Kristin Mitchell Remote UNIX Lab Environment (RULE) 6th Oct 2004 Slides
Dr. Jason But Netsniff - Passive Monitoring of Networked Applications 22nd Sep 2004 Slides
Dr. Bartek Wydrowski, CalTech TCP Flow Control 15th Sep 2004 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Brett Pentland CTIE, Monash University IPv6 Mobility Research @ CTIE 1st Sep 2004 Slides
Johnny Lai CTIE, Monash University IPv6 Simulation Research @ CTIE   Slides
Dr. Fei Peng Wireless Comes of Age. 25th Aug 2004 Slides
Mai Banh Evaluation of IEEE 802.11b and Mobile IPv6 Hand-off Times 18th Aug 2004 Slides
Le Anh Tuan Simulation model of Mobile IP network   Slides
Prof. Steven Low, CalTech Internet Protocols 4th Aug 2004 -
Andre Rojas Lawful Interception for Mobile IP Networks - a Mobile Agent Approach 28th Jul 2004 Slides
Warren Harrop 3D Visualisation of Network Information   Slides
John Nguyen The impact of Microsoft Windows infection vectors on IP network traffic patterns 21st Jul 2004 Slides
Prof. Grenville Armitage An Overview of CAIA Activities 14th Jul 2004 -
Sebastian Zander Network Measurement and AAA - An Overview About My Previous Research 7th Jul 2004 Slides
Dr. Irena Atov Design of IP Networks with End-to-End Performance Guarantees 30th Jun 2004 Slides
Lawrence Stewart IBL Experiences and Projects 16th Jun 2004 -
Ana Pavlicic IBL Experiences and Projects 9th Jun 2004 -
Prof. Grenville Armitage Jitter Tolerance in First Person Shooter Games (SIGCHI) 26th May 2004 Slides
Dr. Philip Branch A Synthetic Traffic Model for Quake 3(SIGCHI)   Slides
Fred Baker (CISCO) Changing Models of Internet Use 21st May 2004 Slides
Dr. Jason But Digital Rights Management on the Internet 28th Apr 2004 Slides

2003 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
Dr. Philip Branch ATNAC rehearsal 3rd Dec 2003 -
Dr. Tanja Lang ATNAC rehearsal   -
Clancy Malcolm ATNAC rehearsal 26th Nov 2003 -
Thuy Nguyen ATNAC rehearsal   -
Tao Peng (CUBIN) Defending Against Denial of Service Attacks 5th Nov 2003 -
Lawrence Stewart Jitter and Quake 3 15th Oct 2003 -
Ana Pavlicic Alloy Switch   -
Prof. Grenville Armitage CAIA Developments 6th Aug 2003 -
Ana Pavlicic 3G Video Phone evaluation   -
Warren Harrop Lawful Interception 30th Jul 2003 -
Thuy Nguyen Pricing and IP QoS 23rd Jul 2003 -
Dr. Tanja Lang Update on the GENIUS Project 9th Jul 2003 -
Dr. Tanja Lang, Game Traffic Analysis,   Slides
Prof. Grenville Armitage Current CAIA Research Projects 4th Jun 2003 -
Clancy Malcolm Extensions to the ICE^3 Project 28th May 2003 -
Sebastian Zander Update on the ICE^3 Project 21st May 2003 -
Dr. Philip Branch Lawful Interception 14th May 2003 -
Dr. Philip Branch Lawful Interception - Historical context and future challenges for Internet Service Providers   Slides
Dr. Paul van den Bergen Mobile IP 30th Apr 2003 -

2002 Seminars
Presenter Title Date Downloads
David Prior ICE3 Progress and Lessons 18th Dec 2002 Slides
Mark Pozzobon GENIUS 2   Slides
Dr. Paul van den Bergen Introduction to MAGIC 4th Dec 2002 Slides
David Prior ICE^3 The Internet - Inverted 16th Oct 2002 Slides
Mark Pozzobon GENIUS   Slides

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