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Farinaz Jowkarishasal Taneh

Building a software-defined Ad-Hoc network

11:30am, 29th Jun 2018 -

Dr Marie-Jose Montpetit, TriangleVideo

New Media and the Future of Networking

11:30am, 30th Nov 2017 -

Bahaa Al-Musawi

Recurrence Behaviour of BGP Traffic

11:30am, 16th Nov 2017 -

Mark Nottingham, Fastly Inc.

Internet Protocol Evolution Update

2:30pm, 2nd Nov 2017 -
Rasool Al-Saadi Characterising LEDBAT Performance Through Bottlenecks Using PIE, FQ-CoDel and FQ-PIE Active Queue Management 2:30pm, 21st Sep 2017 -

Bahaa Al-Musawi

Rapid detection of BGP anomalies

11:30am, 20th Jul 2017 -

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